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View of upstairs.  Can't get over the closet ;)

Best Sushi! Even our friends that have been to Morimoto in NYC say this is better  --  Keiichi, Denton TX     

I really enjoyed watching my wife design AND build her first tiny house on our street!  

It's already rented! Just 512 sq ft 

Kitchen with storage under the stairs.. so cool!

Love traveling to Isla Mujeres, Mexico!

  • Advisory Council member - Pride and Allies Network, T-Mobile USA (Diversity and Inclusion group/ERG)

  • Investor in Kiva "Loans that change lives" - www.kiva.org

  • Liberty Circle member of Lambda Legal  http://www.lambdalegal.org/ 

  • VocalID - Level 10 Donor.  I banked 7 hours of speech (3,496 sentences)  www.VocalID.co - "Mapping the vocal genome to share the gift of voice"

  • My wife and I have honey bees.  The honey is amazing and our hive is helping everyone's garden in the area!

  • Always looking for new vegetarian recipes.  Portabella burgers are my fave... for now.  Any suggestions?

  • Scuba diving/snorkeling in Belize, Mexico and Honduras - Can't get enough of the water and sea life!

  • In the process of creating a DFW website where LGBT businesses and employees can network and find local resources

  • I would love to attend one of these events  http://lesbianswhotech.org/

​View up upstairs.

Spotted Trunk Fish - Favorite fish I saw while snorkeling in Belize

FACT - I was able to get a Social Security card and a Passport with my married name.  I could not, however, legally obtain a driver's licence in Texas, with my married name, until THIS happened.  Unforgettable day!

That's me and Jim Obergefell only three days after the Supreme Court ruling stated same-sex marriage was legal in ALL 50 states - which just so happened to be passed on my birthday. 

MY Interests

My fave!  Marinated Ahi tuna wrapped in guacamole - with a delicious, fresh onion sauce as it's compliment.  Although, the Tasmanian sea trout with Citrus Soy tops the charts, too!